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Israel in Crisis: Help bridge the divide

A partnership between Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens is critical to its moral fabric, to its democratic future, and any hope of Israel fulfilling its founding vision – one based on equality for all its citizens.
Right now, we have to act. We can’t do this without you. Any donation you make today will be DOUBLED, making it twice as impactful. Join us today and donate to double your impact.


Israel in Crisis

Even in a place where division and mistrust are all too often the norm, this violence between fellow citizens is shocking. Some may say this is reason enough to lose hope for a better future. At the New Israel Fund, we know that is not an option.

That's why NIF has put in motion a plan to ease tensions in Israel and to repair and bridge the divide. Donate today. Any donation you make will be DOUBLED.


Our Work in 2020 – An Interactive Guide

The work of the New Israel Fund has always been guided by our shared values - democracy, equality and social justice


Our 2020 Annual Review

Faced with a global pandemic and ensuing political instability, we have been reminded that at its core our work is about one thing more than any other: connecting our community of supporters here in the UK with the activists, advocates and allies in Israel to meet the
challenges of the day, together. Click here to read our 2020 annual review.


25 years to The New Israel Fund UK

The New Israel Fund in the UK was established 25 years ago to champion a vision of an Israel true to our core human values of inclusiveness, equality, and justice. And together, we are making progress. Here are some snapshots of the work we have delivered together for equality, social justice and human rights for all Israelis these last 25 years.