At the heart of the Pesach story sits our commitment as a people to freedom and liberation. For us at the New Israel Fund, it is these values that underpin our work and drive us forward.  This year, as we witness rising extremism and increasing threats to democracy - in Israel and around the world - it seems particularly crucial to re-dedicate ourselves to these values.  Outlined below, are just some of the stories of the Israelis who are standing up and speaking out for minority rights, for equality, and for social justice. Together, we are delivering real change for           those living in Israel.    None of this work is possible without your support.     This Pesach, please help us shape a better future for everyone living in Israel. Donate Now.
With your support, we delivered some huge achievements in 2018:    Ensuring the media represents all Israelis - NIF-supported initiatives are working hard to ensure that Arab and other minority voices are heard in the media. Sikkuy’s “Arab Media Initiative” increases the number of Arab-Israeli interviewees on radio and television. Sikkuy have also teamed up with “The Seventh Eye” on an Annual Representation Index Report. 2018 saw a substantial shift in subject matters on which Arab citizens were interviewed, and an increase in the percentage of Arab interviewees (3.2%) in leading television and radio programs. Click here to read more. The Israeli army and higher education institutions are often under pressure from ultra-Orthodox voices to limit the roles available to women. In response, we helped the Israel's Women's Network set up a support hotline to connect women facing discrimination with organisations ready to advocate on their behalf. As a result of their activism, the IDF Chief Rabbi has stated that military rabbis who refuse to follow policies that protect women’s positions will be fired. See our 2018 annual review here. Our ‘Kick It Out’ Campaign, fighting racism and discrimination in football, has exceeded expectations. In 2018, not a single case of racist chanting was documented by fans of Beitar Jerusalem - a significant breakthrough. This year Kick It Out also brought together hundreds of Jewish and Arab children for a football match in an unprecedented and powerful stand against racism and intolerance. See our 2018 annual review here.

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