About Us

The New Israel Fund is the leading organisation advancing democracy and equality in Israel.

NIF is a partnership of Israelis and supporters of Israel worldwide, dedicated to its founders’ vision of a society that ensures complete equality to all its inhabitants.

NIF is based on a simple idea: individuals who care about Israel and believe in progressive values can join together to work for an Israel in which everyone is treated with dignity, for an Israel in which a shared society can truly take root, for an Israel in which Jewish life is inclusive in every respect.

As the founder and funder of most of Israel’s progressive civil society, we have provided over £225 million (incl £30 million from the UK) to more than 900 organisations since our inception.

We are more than a funder: NIF is at philanthropy’s cutting edge thanks in large part to our action arm Shatil, the New Israel Fund initiative for Social Change. Today, NIF builds coalitions, is a leading advocate for democratic values, empowers activists and often takes the initiative in setting the public agenda.

NIF works hand-in-hand with Israel’s global supporter base and so a central component of our mission is connecting our network in the UK to our work on the ground in Israel. We offer content-rich events and activities throughout the year, connecting our community here in the UK with our grantees and projects in Israel, and providing a much-needed space for discussion on the crucial issues of democracy, equality and justice in Israel.

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