An Introduction from our new CEO


I am honoured to be writing to you for the first time as Chief Executive. As my inspiring predecessor Adam Ognall expressed eloquently in his parting words, New Israel Fund is a global community, and I am excited to be a member of this passionate community with each and every one of you.

I want to take this opportunity to once again thank Adam for his leadership over the past ten years and for his advice, patience and support during our handover. The legacy he leaves is of a vibrant, growing and impactful organisation.

I have been fortunate that most of my time since starting the role has been spent with our talented team, dedicated trustees, global colleagues and generous and thoughtful supporters. The people and perspectives are diverse yet the passion is consistent for our shared values and a vision for an Israel that upholds justice, democracy and equality.

I hope to speak and meet with many more of you in the coming weeks and months and look forward to hundreds of us being connected digitally (and many celebrating together in smaller gatherings) for our Human Rights Awards 2021 on Sunday 14 November.

As the highlights in this newsletter demonstrate, we don’t all have to look, live or love the same way to share a longing for a democratic, equal and just society. The ongoing denial of fair treatment to Palestinians epitomised by the Sheik Jarrah situation reminds us that whilst we are deeply committed to Israel and might be inspired by the vision of Israel’s founders, we must confront the failings and fractures arising from Israel’s founding.  

Israel and social justice have been central to my life and learning since my first trip to Israel 23 years ago and my own and my family’s experiences with racism, anti-immigrant prejudice and homophobia. I’ve had the privilege to be in Israel and Palestine on many occasions and do work that has allowed me to play a small part in pursuing justice, advancing human rights and protecting people and our planet.

I am thrilled to be continuing that work and determined that New Israel Fund UK will reach more people, raise more funds and realise more of our potential to bring Israelis and supporters of Israel together in striving for an Israel in which everyone is treated with dignity, Jewish life is inclusive, and a shared and fair society flourishes.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.  

Warmest wishes,


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