Tzipi Livni – on the fight for Israel’s Soul

Exclusive Breakfast Briefing 

Those opposing proposed legal “reforms” include senior finance, security, military and hi-tech leaders, all of Israel’s former attorneys general, and people drawn from Jewish, Arab, Religious, Progressive and Secular communities and those on the left, right and centre of Israeli politics.

Tzipi Livni has been at the forefront of those protests, encouraging early on the “Many of you (who) risked your lives in the war for Israel’s existence” to join “the fight for its soul.” (see here for the full Hebrew version).

Join New Israel Fund for a private and exclusive breakfast meeting with Tzipi Livni.

We will also be sharing details of NIF’s work responding to attacks on democracy and attempts to undermine protections for minorities in Israel. We very much hope those joining us for this exclusive event will consider contributing to this vital work for all of us who wish to see Israel flourish as a Jewish homeland and democratic state.

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