Together, we’re creating positive change in Israel

Almost a year has passed since the outbreak of the pandemic and we are taking a few moments to look back and think about the incredible things we accomplished together.

This past year we worked to protect women from violence in a stressful time when everyone is closed at home. We made sure that the State did not go too far with the phone surveillance by the Shabak to protect everyone’s privacy. We helped to enable life-saving medical care also for the residents of East Jerusalem who too often, fall between the cracks and much more.

But as we know, we still have lots to do. Quality and inclusion are not afterthoughts, during times like these: inequality becomes even more dire and dangerous when people on the margins of society are the most at-risk and our work of The New Israel Fund to support the most vulnerable and defend civil liberties and democracy is critical and must to continue.

Israel’s COVID-19 vaccination distribution plan has been a huge success. Israel has distributed shots to more than 2.6 million of its citizens, leading the world in vaccinations per capita. That’s a major accomplishment. But it’s not the full picture.

Israel has enough supply to vaccinate all relevant population by the end of March, while 15 minutes away millions of Palestinian families will continue to suffer from COVID. Providing vaccines for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank is a moral obligation as well as the professional recommendation of prominent figures in Israel’s Health Ministry. But the Israeli government still hesitates and we can support those pushing it to make the right decision. Our grantee and previous Human Rights Awards Winner, Zazim has mobilised thousands of Israelis to urge the Health Minister to uphold Israel’s legal responsibilities under international law to provide for the health/wellbeing of populations living under Israeli occupation. They do so without abrogating the Palestinian authorities from their responsibilities.

Concurrently we continue our fight for democracy in Israel. NIF and our grantees are fighting to ensure that, amidst this public health crisis, Israel’s democratic institutions remain strong and civil liberties are protected. 2021 brings ongoing political change and before Israel faces the fourth set of elections in a two-year period, I know that we need to continue to build on the momentum we’ve gained this year. Things are not easy in Israel right now for those of us who support equality and democracy. Too often, those in power pursue policies that stoke anger and resentment and pit Israelis against each other. We saw only yesterday the embrace of Kahanists, homophobes and the far-right.

Thanks to individuals like you, every time hard-liners push Israel in the wrong direction, NIF has the strength to push back. Thanks to you, NIF encourages ordinary Israelis to become passionate, effective advocates for the values we share, at a time when those values are increasingly at risk.

I’m excited to share with you a great opportunity to put your values into action every single day of the year and share the love this Valentine’s Day with a regular gift to NIF. 

When you become a regular donor to NIF, you create dependable monthly gifts that help us provide the support our grantees need to protect human rights, to fight for social justice, and to defend democracy right now and for the long term.

With your support, we’ll continue to mobilise Israelis around the issues they care about, build a collaborative ecosystem in which activists from all parts of Israeli society work together to advance key issues, and amplify voices for equality, justice and inclusion.

Thank you for your commitment to NIF – now and for the long haul.

Adam Ognall,
New Israel Fund Israel


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