New Gen Activism Fellowship 17/18

The New Gen Activism Fellowship is an exciting opportunity for young British Jews who are passionate about social justice, human rights, equality and pluralism and who care deeply about the State of Israel, to channel their deep commitment to Israel’s future and their passion for social justice into concrete activism, connecting the UK to grassroots groups in Israel. It offers exceptional young leaders a unique immersion into issues in Israeli society, opportunities to forge connections with Israeli activists leading positive change, and the skills and  platforms to lead initiatives to support and advance this work.

The fellowship requires participants to act as ambassadors for New Israel Fund throughout the year, through committing to running events, speaking out, networking and organizing in order to build support for the issues they are passionate about.

Applications for the 2017 – 2018 Fellowship are now closed. Check back soon for details of next year!

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The fellowship is for young adults (aged 21 – 35) who are able to demonstrate leadership experience, a commitment to NIF’s vision and values, and skills or professional expertise that they are interested in developing and applying to activist work to advance a just, democratic and pluralistic Israel.

No previous participation in New Israel Fund events or within the New Gen community is required.

1. A seven-day immersive trip in Israel engaging with core issues in Israeli society and key actors in civil society working for positive social change. The trip will be conducted in partnership with other New Israel Fund fellowship groups from around the world.

2. Six Sunday day-seminars throughout the course of the year in the UK providing training, development and peer support to support fellows’ development as agents of change.

3. Organising four events with the other fellows for New Gen such as film screenings, showcasing speakers and activists from Israel, ‘food for thought’ discussion dinners, fundraising events, and more.

4. Becoming an Ambassador of social change, through “speaking out” at least three times on issues relating to social justice, human rights, religious freedom and shared society in Israel. This can be achieved by taking on public speaking engagements, leading educational activities or writing in the press.

5. Networking and developing relationships as leaders to grow engagement and build support in and around the UK Jewish community, and beyond.

6. Working together on a culminating project that encapsulates the knowledge and experiences gained into a powerful and impactful resource or initiative for activism.

1. A unique opportunity to play a role in advancing positive social change in Israel

2. CV-enhancing training, development and education with UK based activists and leaders from the world of community organising and social change

3. Networking opportunities to forge connections and partnerships with Israeli, British and international peers and leaders, and to join an international community of like-minded activists

4. Firsthand experience and in depth knowledge of New Israel Fund issue areas and projects throughout Israel

5. Platforms for leadership and speaking opportunities within the UK Jewish Community,  NIF’s networks and further afield.

6. Mentoring opportunities from Israel education professionals and alumni of the fellowship, ensuring fellows become leaders and ambassadors.

About the study trip to Israel:

“Best tour/seminar I’ve been on since the Machon”

“Really incredible and challenging – it forced us to look deep within ourselves and come to our own answers. It was challenging and emotional.”

“I feel so much more credible as an activist, and as a non-Israeli with strong opinions on Israeli domestic affairs, as a result of having met with so many amazing organisations on the ground and seen first-hand what they do, and what they’re up against.”

“Truly excellent… the group, the itinerary, the leadership and (to be honest) the food were without exception better than anything I’d experienced previously on comparable trips.”

“I don’t think one could be an effective advocate without the trip. It changed my whole understanding of NIF and connected it to my life.”


About the training and development:

“The skills development… has been brilliant, and the seminars were very effective in instilling passion and connection to NIF issues and grantees”

“I am greatly enjoying the Fellowship so far, and have been extremely impressed (beyond my expectations) by the quality of the network that the Fellowship has created”

“The workshops and seminar have been very helpful, both for personal development as well as for the purposes of our fellowships. I think that we have learned a lot through the fellowship and are excited to put it into action.”

The fellowship is open to outstanding young activists, aged 21-35 who can demonstrate the following:

1. Active engagement with Israel, including having travelled to Israel previously and possessing a solid understanding of modern Israeli politics and a basic understanding of historical context

2. Skills and experience of leadership and activism, and a keen interest in applying these within the UK Jewish community

3. Professional and/or voluntary experience relevant to the planning and execution of effective activities in areas such as fundraising, communications and community organising

4. A strong affinity with NIF’s values and mission, and a desire and ability to act as ambassadors for New Israel Fund

There are 3 places available on this years UK fellowship cohort.

Orientation Seminar: 18 June 2017

Israel Study Trip: 15 – 22 July 2017

Training & Development Seminars: 10 September 2017, 12 November 2017, 7 January 2018, 4 March 2018

Closing Seminar: 6 May 2018

For a detailed summary of the Fellowship Components and expectations of fellows, click here.

Step one: Fill in the application form below by the 5th of April 2017.

Step two: If your initial application is successful, we will invite you to interview during the week of the 11th of April

Step three: We will confirm the successful 3 applicants ASAP after interviews are completed. 

If successfully selected for the fellowship we require a contribution towards the cost of the programme of £240, payable either by bank transfer or a monthly direct debit of £20 a month upon acceptance of a confirmed place after a successful interview.

We don’t want to put off potential suitable candidates for the programme with this cost, so if this expense is an issue, please be in contact with us directly using the details below.

Participants must also cover the costs of their own flights and travel insurance to Israel for the seminar in July. We will help make recommendations for flights and coordinate the group’s travel plans once places have been allocated.

Applications are now closed.