For Lord Jeremy Beecham:

Every one of us has a story: how our strong connection with Israel started, and how our hopes for Israel and its future became a meaningful part of our lives.

Along this journey, like you, I discovered the New Israel Fund as the vehicle for both voicing my values and acting on them. Since that moment, together, we have supported battles for women’s rights, for the rights of Arab citizens of Israel, for religious freedom, and migrants. Together, we have fuelled efforts to empower Israel’s most vulnerable and close socio-economic gaps. And perhaps most important of all, we have strengthened and expanded the foundations of Israel’s democracy.

These values that we fight for are values written in Israel’s founding documents and etched into our collective identity. Yet bettering Israel – repairing Israel – can extend beyond our deep, current commitment. It can be an ongoing tribute to our values.

November is Jewish Legacy Month, a dedicated time in the year to consider legacy giving.

I am personally committed to making sure that NIF remains a powerful and effective organisation far into the future, helping to make Israel the source of “freedom, justice and peace” for all its’ citizens— as was intended in Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

Will you join me? Consider leaving a gift in your will to the New Israel Fund. No matter what size, your gift will be used to build a better more tolerant and more inclusive society.

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