From our Chief Executive – February 2017


The past 36 hours has seen the evacuation of the illegal outpost of Amona. In the highly-charged atmosphere around the evacuation, with harsh political rhetoric and violence, it can be difficult to respect individual rights and the rule of law. Equally troubling is that short-term political expediency can make the peaceful future for Israel we all want seem more distant.

That is why we are proud to support those on the front line of the issue. From the human rights groups such as Yesh Din protecting the rights of Palestinian residents often in the face of hostility, to those speaking out in Israeli society for the rule of law and against extremism of any kind, we are where it counts.

We are also keen to make sure the issue is not seen in isolation. Its corrosive effect can be seen in how minorities, both Arab and Jewish. within Israel are treated and in attempts to de-legitmise or somehow muzzle Israel’s Supreme Court. It also impacts on efforts to build a shared society for all Israeli citizens and even work trying to reduce poverty and gaps within society.

However difficult this may be, NIF will not sit idly by. We care about Israel’s future and we choose to act. We will also make sure the voices of hope are heard and the work of those making a positive difference is felt. A better Israel is possible when we join together with those on the front lines.


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