From our Chief Executive July 2020

Through our Crisis Action Plan, NIF is helping grapple with the triple threat we see in Israel: the worrying surge in COVID-19, the economic fallout and annexation.

As the reality of the Covid-19 virus and the inequities and vulnerabilities it has revealed became apparent in Israel, we launched our Crisis Action Plan. It is a framework to allow NIF to do what we do best – bring together our supporters from around the world with a shared mission: In this moment of crisis, use our collective resources, expertise, and relationships to help make things better.

You can read more about the Crisis Action Plan here and the steps we have taken to protect the most vulnerable communities, defend civil liberties, and maintaining a vibrant civil society.

As we reach the summer, we find that the crisis is not letting up across any of its dimensions: health, socio-economic or democracy. We remain committed to supporting our colleagues and partners on the ground as they address this complex and testing reality, and we look forward to sharing with you their work and achievements.

Over the last few weeks our focus has very much been on the threat annexation. Your strong, supportive response to our work has been crucial and thank you for helping us make clear that there are a large number in our community who stand with Israelis raising the alarm about annexation. Sadly the threat of annexation has not changed and we must remain active on it.

This period of crisis and threat – in Israel, the UK and globally – is overwhelming and we do not know what its effect will be in the short or longer terms. For NIF, our approach is driven by our values and mission – to work for peace, dignity, human rights, and equality. This is our mission, no matter what the future brings.

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