From our Chief Executive Sep 2020

The Jewish New Year ritual of Tashlich (literally “casting off”) seems particularly poignant this year. There is lots we have experienced over the last few months that we will be happy to see the back of. However, in the chaos and challenges of the last year, we can point to tangible and lasting achievements that we at NIF are proud of.

Our Rosh Hashana Appeal which you hopefully received this month asks you to support our response to Covid-19, our Crisis Action Plan. With the Plan, we helped the most marginalised and disadvantaged who have been hit the hardest by the health and economic aspects of the crisis. As Israeli enters its second lockdown we are all too aware of our responsibility to continue to support these communities.

Our Crisis Action Plan has also allowed us to respond to the democracy crisis that Israel has experienced under the cover of the pandemic, most visibly the threat of annexation and other anti-democratic moves affecting freedom of experience and civil liberties. As we celebrate the thawing of Israel’s relations with the UAE and other Gulf States, we cannot let up on our role as a champion for Israel’s democratic values.

You can donate to and learn more about our Crisis Action Plan here. Thank you to those of you who have already contributed.

As we ‘cast off’ the last year, there are two key insights I am making sure I take with me. Firstly, that the New Israel Fund’s strength is grounded in our ability to work together and act. And secondly, that “the only recognisable feature of hope is action” (Grace Paley).

Wishing you and your family a Shana Tova (Happy New Year)

Adam Ognall

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