NIF New Gen Activism Fellowship

Introducing the New Israel Fund’s New Gen Activism Fellowship

The New Israel Fund (NIF) is delighted to launch the New Gen Activism Fellowship- an exciting new opportunity for young British Activists who are passionate about social justice, human rights, equality and pluralism and who care deeply about the State of Israel. The New Gen Activism Fellowship will offer 3 New Gen Fellows a unique immersion into issues in Israeli society, connect them with Israeli activists leading positive change on the ground, and equip them with skills and tools to lead initiatives to promote NIF’s work within the UK community.

The ten-month programme will include an eight-day immersive experience in Israel, training and development opportunities in the UK, and the provision of platforms and networks to support fellows to develop and implement their own projects and events. The programme is running in conjunction with a parallel Fellowship of our partners in the Australian NIF, and some components will be conducted jointly.

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The fellowship is for young activists who are able to demonstrate leadership experience, a commitment to NIF’s vision and values, and skills or professional expertise that they are interested in developing and applying to activist work to advance a just, democratic and pluralistic Israel.

Fellows are offered a unique opportunity to attend a highly subsidised 8-day trip to Israel. During this trip, fellows will engage with issues that they care about in Israeli society, meet inspiring activists on the ground who are working to further solutions to these issues, and develop ideas for meaningful activism that they can lead in the UK in support of their Israeli peers.

Fellows will receive training, development and mentorship opportunities in the UK which will assist their growth as leaders and agents of change, and which will contribute to their personal and professional development.

Fellows will benefit from forging connections and partnerships with Israeli, British and Australian peers and mentors and will join an international community of like-minded New Gen activists with whom they can share ideas and provide inspiration and support in their respective activist projects.

Fellows will be provided with the structure and support to become leaders and activists of NIF’s New Gen (‘New Generations’) community. They will be expected to produce events, activities and campaigns for New Gen, to galvanise support for NIF and to contribute to generating a transformation in attitudes, knowledge and awareness of NIF’s work and values within the UK Jewish community.

NIF is the leading organisation advancing democracy and equality for all Israelis, based on the vision of Israel’s founders. New Gen is the NIF’s international community of young adults and social activists who are committed to this vision, and New Gen members in the UK are offered a variety of ways to learn, connect and act through our menu of educational, social and philanthropic activities.

The NIF New Gen Activism Fellowship is our opportunity to take the UK New Gen community to the next level and nurture a new generation of leadership which can steer the British Jewish community to actively engage in NIF’s work to advance social justice, human rights, religious freedom and shared a tolerant society in Israel.


The Fellowship is open to outstanding young activists aged 22-35 who can demonstrate the following:

1. Active engagement with Israel, including having travelled to Israel previously and possessing a solid understanding of modern Israeli politics and a basic understanding of historical context

2. A strong affinity with NIF’s values and mission

3. Skills and experience of leadership and activism, and a keen interest in applying these within the Jewish community

4. Desire and ability to commit to all the Fellowship components

5. Professional and/or voluntary experience relevant to the planning and execution of effective activities in areas such as fundraising, communications and community organising.

6. Desire and ability to act as ambassadors for NIF

We are keen to develop a diverse group of fellows from a range of backgrounds and interests so make sure to tell us your unique story and highlight any distinctive qualities, skills or knowledge you could bring to the group.

Recruitment Process

To apply for the 2015-2016 New Gen Activism Fellowship, please complete the form in the Apply Now section. The application includes questions on your reasons for wanting to participate in the fellowship, examples of your relevant skills, experience, and knowledge, your personal goals for the fellowship and your initial ideas for activism in the UK. The application form will also allow you to highlight the NIF areas which you are interested in and about which you would like further develop your knowledge.

You will also be required to provide 2 referees.

***The deadline for submission for applications is Thursday 30th April at 12pm***


If your application is successful, you will be invited for an interview which will take place in the NIF’s offices in London on Friday 1st, Tuesday 5th or Wednesday 6th of May. Successful candidates will be informed shortly thereafter and the Fellowship activities will begin on May 31st.

Orientation Seminar 31.05.15

This full day orientation seminar in London will:

1. Introduce fellows to the programme, NIF staff and each other

2. Clarify expectationes and requirements

3. Offer a broad introduction to the work of NIF

4. Provide a framework for fellows to begin to prepare for fellowship components


Israel Tour 19.07.15- 27.07.15

The intensive eight-day tour will include visits and tours hosted by NIF grantees, meetings with experts and activists, and practical workshops and trainings. In this holistic, immersive experience, fellows will:

1. Learn about key issues affecting contemporary Israeli society

2. Engage with the goals, values and strategy of NIF and its partners

3. Study a variety of strategies of social change

4. Identify and explore issues which you care about are are motivated to act on

5. Forge personal connections with activists on the ground and lay the groundwork for future partnerships and joint projects

6. Gain skills for activism


Training and Development Seminars- August, November and February

Three complementary seminars will punctuate the fellowship in the UK, offering training, development and a forum for peer support as fellows develop three separate activist events or projects throughout the duration of the fellowship.

The seminars will enhance fellows’ skills and knowledge of tools of activism, and may include such topics as:

1. Community organising

2. Campaign planning

3. Inspiring communication

4. Digital campaigning and organising

5. Community fundraising

In addition to the three training and development seminars, Fellows will be offered mentoring throughout the duration of the Fellowship, to assist with developing and implementing projects.


Dates for the training and development seminars will be confirmed at the orientation seminar.


Fellows’ Projects

Fellows will be expected to plan, execute and evaluate three projects and/or events as part of the Fellowship- either individually or in pairs or small groups.

Proposed activities will need to be approved by NIF staff, Each Fellow will be given a small budget for their projects.

The types of activities that will be considered include:

1. Meeting a fundraising target agreed by NIF staff and Fellows by establishing or participating in an event, challenge or giving circle

2. Raising awareness  about a specific issue and NIF grantee/s working to address this issue by organising a speaker event, social media campaign or other relevant activity

3. Taking a lead role in existing New Gen activities such as educational events, the New Gen Human Rights Award Committee, or the New Activism blog


Closing Seminary- April 2016

The closing seminar will conclude the Fellowship and will enable Fellows to reflect, measure their impact, celebrate successes and consider their plans for ongoing engagement with NIF and Israel Activism.


The cost of the Fellowship, including the tour in Israel, is £150