HRAD Guest Joining Instructions

This page is here to help you sign up for this year’s Human Rights Awards.

Follow the below instructions to join the event. We look forward to seeing you on the 14th of November at 6pm.



1. If you enter the web address (Human Rights Awards 2021 ( on the invite or scan the QR code you will get taken to the ticket page



2. Please use the plus buttons to add your required ticket/s



3. Once you have selected your tickets, click ‘checkout’ at the bottom of the page



4. It will take you through to a page which confirms your order, if correct click ‘Sign in to confirm’



5. Enter your preferred email address (this will be the email address you use on the night) and click ‘continue’



6. Fill in your details (those with * are mandatory), accept the Terms and Conditions and if you are Gift Aid eligible tick the box (this will autofill the relevant fields, which can be changed) and click ‘create account’



7. Please choose your communication preference/s and click ‘continue’



8. Choose to pay by card (credit or debit) or click pay via bank transfer if you would like to pay this way or via cheque or charity cheque. You can also choose to cover the processing fee and to remember your card details for a speedier donation process on the night.



9. You have created your account (which you will use on the night) and purchased your tickets. You should also receive an email confirming this.



10. If you purchased multiple tickets, please let us know the details of your guests. You can do this by clicking ‘your account’ then ‘registration’ and clicking the additional guests ticket/s



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