A Small Amount of Light Dispels A Lot of Darkness

New Israel Fund Awards Dinner Looking back over the past year, I am proud of the work that NIF has done in Israel. From responding to the needs of the most vulnerable in society over the period of conflict during the summer, through to standing  up for the values of democracy, NIF has been the guiding light in the fight for a more just and equal Israel.

At this time of year I am reminded particularly of the achievements of Tag Meir- Light Tag- an NIF-convened coalition which is the leading Jewish voice against racism and extremism in Israel. Sadly their work has  been more necessary than ever in the recent months. NIF continues to be at the forefront of initiatives that bring Jewish and Arab communities together and says no to extremism.

In the UK, we continue our education work connecting people with grassroots initiatives e.g. through Vote for Change. We look forward to sharing with you early in the new year our exciting programme of events in  the run up to the Israeli elections and beyond.

Wishing you a Chag Sameach,

Adam Ognall,

Chief Executive, New Israel Fund

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December 2014