Government Ministries Evade Freedom of Information Requests

The Movement for Freedom of Information, an NIF grantee, has published findings regarding the links between government ministries and outside companies and organisations. While the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education agreed to the request, the Prime Minister’s Office, Defence Ministry, Economy Ministry, and Social Affairs Ministry failed to respond, using the excuse that it would be too much work.

The movement’s report – including the naming of those government bodies that failed to comply with the request for transparency – drove significant public debate.

The Movement for Freedom of Information‘s campaign responds to a growing government trend to outsource work to private companies and non-profit organisations who are not accountable to public supervision.

Alona Winograd, Executive Director of the Movement for Freedom of Information, said: “We are proud of the government ministries who released the information, but [regarding those who didn’t] this isn’t the way to evade public scrutiny.” The Movement will now continue using legal means to try to compel the remaining government ministries to comply with its request.

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October 2014