Jewish book week

Jewish Book Week is an annual international literary festival, held in London.
Every year, the festival brings together writers and speakers – from the most eminent to the first-time published – from the worlds of history, journalism, philosophy, science, art, music, poetry and fiction in a celebration of ideas.

This year the New Israel fund sponsored:

A state at any cost: The life of David Ben-Gurion

By: Tom Segev

Chair: Jonathan Freedland



29.02.2020 8:30 PM 
Kings Place, Hall 1, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG


Israeli historian Tom Segev offers a masterful account of the complex figure of David Ben Gurion, founder of the Jewish state. Visionary leader, despot, statesman, small-town politician – Ben Gurion was all of these things. Tom Segev uses previously unreleased archive material to give an original, nuanced account that transcends the myths and legends that have built up around David Ben-Gurion, a leader who sought a state ‘at any cost’.
The New Israel Fund works to ensure that democracy and civil society can thrive in Israel so that the vision of Israel’s founders of ‘a state for all its citizens’ can be realised today.

Sponsored by the New Israel Fund


Tom Segev is one of Israel’s most celebrated historians. His works include The Seventh Million1967: Israel, the War, and the Year That Transformed the Middle EastSimon Wiesenthal; and One Palestine, Complete, which was chosen as one of the best ten books of 2000 by the New York Times.



Jonathan Freedland is an award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster. He writes a weekly column for The Guardian, where he is executive editor, Opinion. He is the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s contemporary history series The Long View and has also written seven books.





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In Michael Fertik’s novel, Hip Set, we are taken into a world of intrigue through the eyes of a Congolese refugee in Israel. The New Israel Fund works hard to ensure that vulnerable communities, including the asylum seeker community in Israel, receive the support they need. Through NIF grantees such as ASSAF, we counter incitement and discrimination to promote Israel’s founding ideals of equality, justice and being a light to the world.


Partition Voices
The relationship between Israel and the Diaspora has always been central to our work at the New Israel Fund. This fascinating discussion brings experts in two fields together to discuss the similarities between partition in India and in British Mandatory Palestine. What do political and military decisions over seven decades ago mean for people today?


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