Leave a gift in your Will

Remember the New Israel Fund in your Will and make your hopes for the future of Israel heard. Your gift allows us to keep advancing democracy and equality for all Israelis.

Why include NIF in your Will?

The Hebrew word tzedakah, commonly translated as “charity,” comes from the word tzedek, meaning justice. For 25 years, the New Israel Fund has championed the vision of an Israel true to our core values of inclusiveness, equality and justice. And against great odds, we are making progress together. In decades ahead, achieving that vision will be NIF’s legacy. Now we ask you to make it part of yours.

Did you know that all of NIF’s funding comes from individuals and voluntary funds? In 2020, £1 in every £10 donated to the work of NIF came from a will. We know in the future that donations left in people’s wills are going to be increasingly important.

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What to do next?

Making a Will and leaving a gift in your Will is easier than you may think and is one of the best ways you can help us to change the future for the better. Any gift, whatever its size, really is priceless to us. Gifts to charity are exempt from inheritance tax, and could reduce the amount your family would have to pay. See the example below.

As part of our partnership with Jewish Legacy, and to mark Jewish Legacy Month, this November you can get access to Free Will writing services.

For more information, please contact Adam Ognall on 0207 724 2266 or adam@uknif.org.

Did you know…

No gift is too small. Through legacy giving, every gift will have an impact, every gift will make a difference.
You can take care of loved ones and help NIF. There are many types of gifts that enable you to do both.
Leaving a gift in your Will is simple. All you need is our charity address: Unit 2, Bedford Mews, London N2 9DF and registered charity number: 1060081.
You can reduce the inheritance tax owed by your family by leaving a gift in your will, benefiting both your family and your chosen charity.
Changes to tax laws mean that if you leave 10% of your estate (after your tax-free allowances) to NIF, you can cut the Inheritance Tax rate on the rest of your estate from 40% to 36%. That’s a 4% reduction in the inheritance tax for your family and a huge impact for our work at NIF.
For example, say your estate (after allowances) is worth £250,000, you would be faced with an IHT bill of £100,000. This would leave your family with £150,000.
If you gave away 10% to charity – £25,000 – the IHT charge on the remaining estate, now £225,000, would be reduced to £81,000, meaning your family would still inherit £144,000. Your very generous donation of £25,000 to NIF has therefore cost you only £6,000.

We hope you will consider leaving a lasting legacy that ensures your voice is heard by including the New Israel Fund in your Will.

Contact Us

For more information on leaving a gift in your Will to the New Israel Fund, please contact:

Adam Ognall, Chief Executive


0207 724 2266