Morning after Israel’s elections……

Dear Friends,

I write to you as we digest last night’s exit polls from Israel’s fourth elections in two years and wait for the clarity that only the full results will bring. Just now, around 80% of the votes have been counted.

There is much still up in the air from whether Ra’am (the United Arab List Party) will pass the threshold to enter the Knesset to whether PM Netanyahu can muster a solid majority. There is also much to ponder from the depressed voter turnout especially amongst Israeli Arabs, to the entry of the extreme right into mainstream politics, to the seeming revival of the centre-left Zionist parties. If you do wish to explore this more, please join us tomorrow evening for our exclusive “Election Overdose” event, details below.

Rather than make foolish predictions or rush to judgement, my main thought this morning is that these elections and any likely results remind us of the absolutely crucial role that Israel’s civil society plays in championing and working tirelessly for the values we share and for the vision of a better Israel.

I am incredibly proud of the New Israel Fund’s central role in Israeli society and the support that our community here in the UK brings. As the results and implications of these elections play out over the next weeks and months please be assured that our commitment and passion remains undimmed.

With best wishes, 

Adam Ognall, Chief Executive


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