From Our Chief Executive: August 2019


August is often considered a quiet month as thoughts turn to holidays. However as Israel gears up for more elections the time to pause is not now.

Championing and strengthening Israel’s democracy has always been at the core of NIF’s mission. We are proud of our distinctive role in standing up for Israel’s democratic institutions and ensuring equal rights for all. Globally, threats to democracy are more acute now than they have been for decades. Israel is not immune to these trends requiring us all to not only be vigilant but to take a stand with those at the frontline of this democratic struggle.

This newsletter shares a set of diverse stories and achievements that NIF and our partners have brought about in recent weeks, from preventing the exclusion of Israeli Arabs from a public park, to supporting the Ethiopian-Israeli community to, standing up to home demolitions. This work and the issues behind them may seem disparate but behind our specific efforts on all these issues is our compelling vision, rooted in the Declaration of Independence, of a tolerant and thriving Israel. In working towards this hopeful vision it is essential that we highlight the intrinsic correlation between the seemingly different issues covered here and others, for instance radiology institutes in the periphery, saving public housing and developing a new generation of social leaders.

We have always understood democracy as being about much more than (frequent) elections. It is about the rights and life chances of all in society and about creating a sound social foundation. The lesson of recent years, not only in Israel, is that to achieve this vision and build these foundations requires a collective commitment from those who share these democratic vision and values.