From Our Director of Fundraising: November 2019



What your legacy to NIF achieves?

I recently met with the widow of one of our legacy donors. It was truly humbling to hear her speak of her late husband’s life and of his strong sense of social justice and equality. I was drawn into her account of their journey together, of the many trips to Israel and beyond, and of the adventures they both had. It is during these trips that his deep engagement with societal issues in Israel developed. An accountant by profession, his true passion was education and investing in the futures of young people, believing that equal access and opportunity were key to beginning to redress the structural inequalities that persist between Jews and Arabs, Mizrahi and Ashkenazi, newly immigrated communities and others. Supporting NIF was a natural extension of this commitment and his values.

NIF represented an organisation that was actively shaping Israel into the kind of society he hoped it would be – democratic, just and vibrant.

A legacy gift to NIF, means that as times change and new challenges arise, we will continue to be there to safeguard Israel’s democracy in its widest terms. It means we will continue to be there to make Israel the country we need it to be.

NIF is proud to be celebrating Jewish Legacy Month this November and sharing in the stories of the huge impact that legacy giving has.

Every New Israel Fund supporter has a unique financial and family situation, and we deeply appreciate the commitment of all types and sizes. Every gift is meaningful and makes a difference.

To find out more about leaving a legacy gift to NIF click here or get in touch with me directly at or on 0207 724 2266.

Thank you for your ongoing and incredible support for our work.


Adiva Kalms

Director of Fundraising, New Israel Fund