This Rosh Hashanah – Reframe the future with us

NIF has always looked at the bigger picture. And at its core this is about our unbending defence of democracy.
It is about the rights and life chances of all in Israeli society and about creating a sound social foundation.
It is about connecting to communities across all sectors of society in Israel and shaping change from the ground up.

Our determination to succeed is driven by our compelling vision, rooted in Israel’s Declaration of Independence, of a tolerant and thriving Israel that balances a commitment to being a homeland for the Jewish people and being a democracy for all its citizens – building a truly shared society for the benefit of all. The lesson of recent years, not only in Israel, is that to achieve this vision and build these foundations requires a collective commitment to the big picture.
This Rosh Hashanah we are sharing with you the stories of three Israelis who are building this better future. These individuals exemplify the best of Israel. With our partners in Israel, and with your ongoing support, we can keep advancing our positive vision of Israel as a just and equal society where everyone has a stake in a peaceful and prosperous future. As you read these stories, we ask that you help us keep this work going.

As we enter the New Year please consider reframing the future with us – donate today.