New Israel Fund April Newsletter

Pesach marks my one-year anniversary at the New Israel Fund, and it provides me with the perfect opportunity for reflection.

Looking back over the past year, I am proud to be part of our NIF community, whose warmth and openness is unparalleled. Despite new challenges arising and difficulties with deep and historic roots, when speaking to our team and partners in Israel I can truly appreciate the importance of our work, whether helping a village to receive its first bus stop – providing efficient access to education and employment, or protecting the right to protest, necessary for a healthy democracy.

Pesach also provides an ideal moment to look forward. As we said last week at Seder, next year in Jerusalem. As I look forward to next year, I remain hopeful for progress towards greater justice and equality for all in Jerusalem and indeed all in Israel.

There are many things I am hopeful for in this next year, as the primary fundraiser and a donor of our Bridge the Divide campaign last May, I look forward to updating you soon with progress from 20 new initiatives you helped fund a year on.

I also hope you feel proud of what your support is making possible, with the stories this month from FakeReporter, Shatil and Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights.

So, thank you for helping us achieve all we have in 2021. My colleagues and I are confident with your continued support, together our community and grantees can accomplish even more in 2022.

– Sarah-Jayne Grahame, Director of Fundraising



Tackling Hate and Calming Tensions

Multiple NIF grantees including Fake Reporter have been leading the charge to diffuse tensions during Ramadan/Passover by tracking and reporting online incitement to violence.

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Millions secured for services in Bedouin Towns

NIF’s action arm Shatil and NIF grantee Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights teamed up to assist the Bedouin town of Lakyia in securing long-term infrastructure and economic development.

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