New Israel Fund June Newsletter

Dear friend,

I write to you from the New Israel Fund’s Global Board Meeting in Israel as I’m completing my first year with NIF, and as Israel prepares for their 5th elections in 42 months after the unprecedented governing coalition lasted just over one year.

These past twelve months have been inspiring and challenging for me personally as I look to build on Adam’s excellent work and support our team to deliver on your aspirations for a just, equal and stable Israel.

I’ve been inspired by the people at the heart of the NIF community of supporters and the phenomenal leaders determined to defend democracy and deliver a fairer society for Israel’s marginalised communities.

People such as our wonderful Chair Noeleen, her fellow trustees, our growing number of major donors, and all who contribute what they can to our shared vision and important work.

The challenges remain substantial. As Yair Lapid recently commented regarding the upcoming elections with words that also apply to the struggle for Israel’s future, Israelis and supporters of Israel are grappling with “whether there will be a reformed democracy or whether Bibi and Ben Gvir will dismantle Israeli society”.

As I have become fond of writing (and I hope you are fond of reading), however hard our work and the work we support may be, it takes courage to be hopeful and determination to keep pursuing justice and the vision of Israel’s founders.

The stories in this month’s newsletter illustrate that there is much cause for hope.

During Pride month we can celebrate Noa’s trailblazing example and her reflections on the many examples of progress for LGBT+ Israelis. Following World Refugee Day, we can be proud of our grantees who have secured access to health care for Asylum Seekers in Israel. At a time when we are highlighting the value of all within Israel, we can take comfort from those ensuring women are vocal and visible.

Phenomenal leaders including Hazar Alhad and Dana Myrtenbaum, who we had the privilege to hear from recently, embody and demonstrate all NIF is striving for – Arab-Jewish Partnership, Human Rights and a genuinely shared society that protects and provides for all living there.

A core part of NIF’s work is improving Israel for all communities living there. And in NIF’s community, we appreciate each and every person and their contribution to a better and brighter future for all in Israel. This has been eloquently expressed by Anna Wolfson, a regular supporter of NIF “trying to be part of the solution rather than walking away from the problem.”

As we enter another uncertain period, I hope many more of you reading this will join Anna and become a regular supporter of our work. If you are already a supporter, please share this newsletter and our impact with your friends and family and encourage them to join you and join us.

Whatever the outcome of the next election, NIF will be there, either to advance proper change from potentially another “change government” or to resist and redress the measures sought by reactionaries possibly returning to Israel’s government.

Thank you for your time, support, and generosity.

Warm wishes,


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