Israel for All

Alongside responding to two crises this year, the New Israel Fund has continued to ensure that all of our grantees have the support that they need to continue and even expand their vital work.

Some key accomplishments include:

The Jewish-Arab Northern Health Forum’s campaigning led to a new regulation banning the separation of patients and caregivers by ethnicity in hospital wards.

Extensive campaigning led to the passing of a law requiring the tracking of domestic abusers, despite National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir insisting it only applies to those with prior convictions.

We experienced a 200% increase in our pre-army programme, which exposes young Israelis to the reality of the Occupation through educational visits to the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

After seven years of advocacy led by 4 of our grantees, a historic victory means same-sex couples can now adopt Israeli children, having previously only been allowed to adopt children with additional needs.

In another win for the LGBTQ+ community, same-sex partners will now be legally recognised by the army as next of kin. This makes them eligible for the same benefits as all other families.


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