October 7th Crisis Response

The New Israel Fund supported all Israelis affected by the Hamas attacks. We helped communities that had been deeply divided before the attacks to come together, supporting one another and working towards a safe and shared future. With the government slow and in some cases absent in the immediate aftermath of the attack, citizens and charities around the country worked together to aid one another through this time of crisis. 


Our immediate response, initially prioritised three areas: 

(the numbers like the image in the brochure) 

  1. Essential and urgent care  
  2. Preventing violence in mixed cities 
  3. Mental health and trauma support 


Our impact 

  • Distributed 60+ emergency grants, totalling more than £2,000,000 
  • 24,000 mental-health support calls answered 
  • 10,000 food packages and cooking utensils 
  • 500 vulnerable families assisted with accessing emergency entitlements 
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