Our Picks: 5 Unmissable Events at Jewish Book Week

Sunday 26 February

All Who Go Do Not Return (002)All Who Go Do Not Return

Shulem Deen | Chair: Rabbi Rebecca Birk

Shulem Deen‘s multi-award-winning work offers a moving and revealing exploration of Hasidic life and his struggles with faith, family and community. Married at 18, Deen was raised to believe that questions are dangerous. As his faith unravelled, he struggled to hold on to those he loved most. An illuminating perspective on a highly secretive world.

15:30-16:30, King’s Place Hall 1, £7.50


tillwehavebuilt_cvr_2.inddTill We Have Built Jerusalem

Adina Hoffman | Chair: Ian Black

Adina Hoffman‘s Till We Have Built Jerusalem is a stunning rumination on memory and forgetting, place and displacement. A biographical excavation of one of the world’s greatest cities, it is a riveting and intimate journey into the very different lives of three architects who helped shape modern Jerusalem.

15:30 – 16:30, King’s Place Hall 2, £10.50



51PQoWmmL3LWednesday 1 March

Five Ideas to Fight For

Anthony Lester | Chair: Joshua Rozenberg

Lord Anthony Lester was at the heart of the 30-year campaign that resulted in the Human Rights Act of 1998, as well as the battle to eradicate inequities in race and gender leading to the Equality Act of 2010. The fight continues. He debates his principles and ideals with fellow lawyer and broadcaster Josh Rozenberg.

19:00 – 20:00, King’s Place St Pancras, £9.50


9781785900433Sunday 5 March

Pumpkinflowers: A Soldier’s Story

Matti Friedman | Chair: Hugo Rifkind

Part memoir, part reportage, Matti Friedman‘s Pumpkinflowers recounts the fate that befell an Israeli miltary outpost on the Lebanese borders in the 1990s. A lyrical yet devastating insight into the day-to-day realities of war and a powerful coming-of-age narrative, Pumpkinflowers casts an unflinching look at the nature of modern warfare.

15:30-16:30, King’s Place Hall 2, £7.50


Burn Mark cropBurn Mark: A Photographic Memoir of the Six Day War

Avner Offer | Chair: Matti Friedman

Professor Avner Offer’s photographs of those momentous few days in 1967, are now assembled and published for the first time. They bear witness to some of the most highly charged moments of the Six Day War, focusing on the moral dilemmas of some of the individuals involved. A selection of the images won first prize at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 1968.

18:30-19:30, King’s Place Hall 2, £9.50

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