Take a stand this Pesach

Pesach teaches us that that we have the power to change course and shift that which may seem immovable.

That is why I am asking you to support our Pesach Appeal today.

And this past year, we have proven just that. With your support, NIF has been there throughout the Covid-19 crisis to make sure the most vulnerable in Israeli society are protected. We have worked hard – with much success – to ensure all communities have access to basic provisions, have their employment rights safeguarded, and can access vital health information. Together, we were also there to stand up on issues that are fundamental to Israeli democracy. These are the stories that you can read more about in our interactive Annual Review.

Today this work continues and we need your renewed support as we work towards a more just and inclusive Israel. We know 2021 will bring its own set of upheavals, with new elections looming and the continued economic impact of the pandemic.

Your renewed commitment will mean we can continue to be there to deal with the urgent needs of the day and at the same time invest in the people and projects that are delivering long term change.

The story of Pesach with its message of freedom is at the heart of the Jewish values that continue to connect me, and I know so many of us, to the New Israel Fund. These shared values are what bring us together as a community. So whilst we might not be able to be physically together with our families and friends in the way we had hoped for this Pesach, we can prove that as a community we still have the power to come together in new ways and to continue to stand for democracy, human rights, equality and social justice.

Thank you for being part of our NIF community – you make this all happen!

Chag Sameach,
Adam Ognall,
Chief Executive, the New Israel Fund

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