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This pesach, please support those who are jumping in first for Israel’s future.

New Israel Fund Awards Dinner

As our thoughts turn to Pesach, we are focusing our attention on visionary activists who are jumping into stormy waters to forge a way forward for a more just and tolerant Israel. One of the heroes of the Pesach story is Nachshon Ben Aminadav who jumped into the raging waters of the Red Sea that were blocking the Israelites’ path from slavery to freedom. Following this act of vision and courage, the waters miraculously parted and a path to liberation was cleared.

In Israel today, stormy waters are sadly raging. Violence and mistrust are at unprecedented levels and the champions of human rights are under attack. And, as President Rivlin, recently cautioned, schisms in Israeli society are  threatening the fabric of the society.

Our response to this challenging reality is exemplified in the stories we share in this newsletter. Whether it is our successes in tackling the root causes of poverty or our work educating against racism, we are working with ordinary Israelis who have decided to take upon themselves action for change. We are also incredibly proud of the work of Israel’s human rights community who are not afraid to express unpopular views in order to preserve Israel’s democracy and stay true to the vision of Israel’s founders.

This Pesach we therefore have taken the opportunity to re-commit to Israel’s future, banking on the change-makers, the trailblazers, the courageous visionaries who have jumped in first to forge a way forward for a more just and tolerant Israel.

Wishing you and your family a chag sameach,

Adam Ognall, Chief Executive

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