Fourth time lucky? Post-election analysis event

Thank you for joining us last Thursday night to hear from Noa Landau and Maisam Jaljuli about the post-election political reality in Israel.

Here’s five things we learned from the event:

  • Netanyahu is, to use Noa Landau’s term, ‘koshering’ the Arab parties both for the right and for the left to join the coalition
  • On the idea that has been floated that Israeli public should vote directly for a PM and not a party: ‘you can’t change the rules of the game while you’re playing it, says Noa Landau, ‘especially when you’re losing.’
  • Netanyahu is holding the mandate as the ‘only thing that will keep him from drowning’
  • Ongoing Israeli policy of severely limiting planning permission and effectively strangling the growth of Arab towns is ‘a huge issue’ says Maisam Jaljuli.  ’Young people have lost the hope of ever having their own home.’
  • We need feminists in the Knesset. ‘Being a woman doesn’t guarantee policies that support women. Look at [Ayelet] Shaked, Miri Regev. We need a special kind of woman.’

Here’s a 2 minute clip of Noa discussing how the lack of feminist women in the Knesset, and the presence of misogynist attitudes, has damaged women during the pandemic:



Hoping to see you soon at future events,

Atira Winchester

Director of Programming, NIF UK

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