Take Action this Rosh Hashanah


This year has been one of the most dizzying and unsettling many of us have ever experienced. We have all been impacted by the human and economic tolls of the COVID-19 pandemic, the scale of which we are still trying to comprehend. What is clear to us at the New Israel Fund is that our strength is grounded in our ability to work together and act.

That’s why as soon as the crisis hit we launched the NIF Crisis Action Plan, to make sure that all people in Israel get the help they need.

This Rosh Hashanah, we are asking you to help us continue this vital work. We urgently need your help in the immediate and in the recovery. In times of crisis it is the most marginalised and disadvantaged who are hit the hardest.
Together we can weather this storm in a way that ensures that the country emerges a more just, democratic, and equal society.

Our Plan is clear. We are:


We’re protecting the people struggling the most by making sure everyone in Israel has access to the support they need to get well, stay healthy, and provide for themselves and their families.


NIF and our grantees are fighting to ensure that, amidst this public health crisis, Israel’s democratic institutions remain strong and civil liberties are protected every day but even more so during a crisis.



We are mobilising emergency resources for effective crisis response now when the need is at an all-time high. Our role is to do everything that we can to make sure that civil society has what it needs to thrive during the crisis.

As we enter the New Year, the impact of the pandemic continues. We know that the New Israel Fund will need to play a key and active role in protecting the most vulnerable communities, defending civil rights and ensuring that the organisations set up to support these two pillars are strong and ready to tackle what may come ahead. With the multiple challenges that this last year has brought, your continued support for NIF is more important now than ever.



Donate today. 

Wishing you and your family a happy New Year – שנה טוֹבה

Adam Ognall
Chief Executive, New Israel Fund

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