Say NO to annexation

As early as July 1, the Netanyahu-Gantz government could begin annexing large swathes of the West Bank.
What does this mean? We are listening carefully to what our grantees in Israel are telling us and they are warning of the devastating effect that annexation would have.

Why do we oppose Annexation?

For the Future – Unilateral Annexation will decide the future for generations. If we don’t act now, our children will pay the price.

For Life – We all know how Unilateral Annexation starts – but no one knows how it will end. Annexation is a recipe for disaster and a huge gamble on Israeli and Palestinian lives and security.

For Democracy – Democracy and Annexation don’t go hand in hand. If you care about democratic values, you must oppose annexation.

For Peace – We believe that Israelis and Palestinians can and must live together in peace and prosperity and with mutual respect. Annexation takes us further from that vision.

For Human Rights – Unilateral annexation will prolong Israel’s occupation over Palestinian civilians and further harm their human rights. Expulsions, land grabs, restricted freedom of movement, and denial of civil rights – these are just the tip of the iceberg. Anyone who cares about human rights must oppose annexation.

Let’s be clear: annexation, of any kind, would be a disaster.

What is NIF doing? Through NIF’s operating arm Shatil, we are providing the backbone of support to civil society organisations at the forefront of the fight against annexation. We are also allocating new emergency grants to organisations leading the work against annexation.


Want to learn more?  Watch some of our videos below.

The Truth About Annexation: 

What is annexation in under 2 minutes: watch Talia Sasson Chair of the International Council of the New Israel Fund explain:

The impact of annexation in under 3 minutes: watch Col (Ret) Shaul Arieli, one of Israel’s leading experts on the conflict, talk about ‘Why make a big deal out of a small annexation’?

For a detailed analysis watch our recent online event ‘Everything you need to know about annexation’ our event: with expert input from Col (Ret) Shaul Arieli, one of Israel’s foremost experts on the conflict; Maisam Jaljuli, a senior member of Israel’s Jewish-Arab grassroots movement; Leading Israeli human rights lawyer, Sharon Abraham-Weiss; Dr Assaf David of the Forum for Regional Thinking.

The work of the New Israel Fund and our partners on the ground in standing up for human rights, championing a progressive vision of peace and speaking up for democratic values will be critical.

This is your time to stand with Israelis who are saying no to annexation.
Stand with us – Donate to NIF today.

To read all about NIF grantees responses click here.

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