Share the love with NIF this Valentine’s Day with a regular gift to NIF

Donating to organisations is about having an impact. By becoming a regular donor to NIF, you’re not only joining a community of supporters worldwide who are taking a stand for our shared values, you’re making an impact on Israel’s democracy RIGHT NOW and helping build a just, equal and inclusive Israeli society.

Share the love this Valentine’s Day with a Regular Gift to NIF 

This is how NIF’s regular donors make a difference for the long term:



My own relationship with NIF pre-dates my role at the organisation by more than a decade. When I first met my partner in Jerusalem he was already a regular supporter of NIF, donating a monthly gift even as a young graduate. It quickly became a financial priority for me too. 

Having joined NIF five years ago as Director of Programming, I have the privilege of seeing first-hand how the impact of my support makes positive change happen in Israel every day.

For me, there’s no easier way to advance such a wide range of civil society issues and protect democratic institutions and values on the ground in Israel. It’s clear that even a modest monthly gift can really contribute significantly to NIF’s stability as the years pass. That’s a good feeling, and it fills us with pride.

Atira Winchester, NIF UK Director of Programming

Eli Rezinsky

“As an Israeli who’s been living in the UK for over six years, it’s difficult to see what’s going on back home. Too often, those in power pursue policies that marginalise and stoke anger and resentment.

But it is at these times that we need to remember that more often than not positive social change comes from the bottom up, when we work at the grassroots, build relationships in communities and bring people together.

For me, supporting NIF feels like I am making a real difference in Israel right now.”

“Our names are Dolf and Val Mogendorff and, like you, we’re supporters of the New Israel Fund.

We believe that the work we’re doing together to stand up for our values is critical right now. We need a strong voice in Israel speaking up for inclusiveness, for equality, and democracy.

For us, making donations to organisations is about having an impact. None of us can take on what’s going on in Israel these days when we act alone, but when we join together with a broader community, each of us can do our part to make a difference.”

Dolf & Val Mogendorff

 Hannah Brady

“I choose to strengthen NIF’s movement by giving a monthly donation. Donating a monthly gift means we are advancing social change in Israel and upholding the pillars of justice, equality, and democracy now and for the long haul.

NIF is building a movement of people who care deeply about Israel, who are striving for an Israeli society that is strong and cohesive – a society that protects human rights and democratic values.

This is important now more than ever – your regular donation will help NIF combat the rise of racism, stand up for minorities and build Jewish – Arab partnerships.”


Share the love this Valentine’s Day with a regular gift to NIF 

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