Study Trip to Israel: Towards a Shared, Secure Future for All

Dates: 15th-20th September 2024.
Registration now open! 

Registration closes 5th August.

Join an already strong cohort of NIF Canadian supporters, as well as other like-minded and committed members of the NIF UK community on on a unique, six-day exploration of progressive Israeli civil society

The trip will be staffed by Atira Winchester from NIF UK as well as NIF Canada staff.

Last year, a surge of civil society mobilization protected Israel in its darkest hours. For nine months, pro-democracy protests staved off a judicial overhaul by Israel’s extremist government.

On and following October 7th, again civil society heroically came to the rescue to deliver humanitarian aid, protect civil liberties and human rights, safeguard Jewish-Arab partnership, and call for political solutions to unending terrorism and occupation.

Now, those same grassroots leaders are determined against all odds to pick up the pieces, heal the wounds, and build a shared, democratic, and peaceful future for Jews and Arabs alike.

This September 15th-20th, witness the inspiring and hopeful activists and experts dealing with Israel’s most pressing issues:

  • Build relationships with Jewish Arab leaders from Omdim Beyachad (Standing Together), Sikkuy Aufoq and many others
  • Visit Givat Haviva, an educational village that has offered a home and an educational framework for those displaced both from the North and the South
  • Meet new grassroots leaders and movements like the Hostages Families Forum, Faithful Left, and pro-democracy protesters
  • Hear from human rights defenders in the West Bank like Breaking the Silence and Yesh Din
  • Engage with think tanks providing domestic and foreign policy solutions like Mitvim and Berl Katznelson Center

Contact Atira at to learn more.

Sign up here on NIF Canada’s website.

(As we are subsidising this trip for our supporters, please click on the ‘half’ option on the sign-up form).


See a sample itinerary here.


What are the goals of the study tour program?
Study Tours are designed for current and prospective donors to learn about NIFC’s work in an intensive and meaningful way. We are committed to introducing our supporters and friends to the extraordinary activists on the ground who are paving the way for a stronger and more democratic Israel.

What does the price of the trip include?
The tour includes good hotel accommodations; breakfast and an average of one additional meal daily; ground transportation, professional tour guides, program costs, reading materials, and entrance fees. Participants arrange their own transportation to Israel. Wifi and basic gratuities are often extra costs while travelling in Israel.

What is the average age of participants?
Participants generally range in age from 40s through to 80s.

Is the tour physically demanding?
If you are looking for accessibility information, please be in touch with Atira and accommodations can be made in most circumstances.

Study tours are not strenuous, but do require mobility. While trips do not include hiking or prolonged periods of exertion, we do spend time walking around communities, and some of our meetings are held in buildings with stairs but no elevators. By the very nature of Israel’s hilly terrain and older cities, it can sometimes be difficult to get around for those who have accessibility challenges.

See more FAQs here.


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