Support Israelis trying to save lives in Gaza and build a safer shared future

After almost six months, the grief and pain following the Hamas atrocities of October 7, remains. At the New Israel Fund, we share this grief, and in the midst of it, we continue to support those in Israel striving for justice, security and dignity for Israelis and Palestinians. It is what all of us – our team, our partners and you, our supporters – can do.

As Ayelet Gundar-Goshen reflected at a recent NIF event 

“‘I feel the wordand” is cut out of the dictionary at this time. The idea that we can feel empathy for this and this… as if you are not caring enough for one of the sides.”


Dear Friend,

In early March, I spent nearly two weeks in Israel. It is a country in mourning, still grappling with trauma, and fearful in the face of the threats from Hamas and Hezbollah.

Walking through the airport I was surrounded by the names and faces of those still held hostage in Gaza. I am proud that New Israel Fund was among the first and most generous supporters of the Hostages’ Families Forum. We continue to support the important work of the forum – bringing their loved ones home is, and must remain, a priority for us all.

Our support for the Hostages’ Families Forum is part of the millions of pounds given by NIF as emergency grants to protect and provide for all communities in Israel. You can read about my time in Israel with our colleagues and partners here: Together, we will win for all in Israel and Palestine.


Whilst I was in Israel the stories were breaking of Palestinian children dying from hunger. I heard from our grantees, Gisha and Physicians for Human Rights Israel, about the deteriorating humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. 

In recent days people have generously donated to NIF UK, moved by the spectre of famine in Gaza to try to do something to save lives and bring about a safe and shared future for Arabs and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians. 

NIF partners are leading legal and advocacy efforts aimed at getting the Israeli government to significantly increase the volume of and access to aid. See more here.

Alongside this, the organisations we support are developing policies, delivering education, supporting leaders, and taking action to safeguard democracy and build a better, safer and shared future. See more here.


As they have since the Hamas atrocities of 7th October, our partners in Israel fill me with hope.

Just as they provided shelter, food and healthcare for Israeli families forced to abandon their homes in the Gaza border area following those horrific attacks, they are working to secure the delivery of much-needed aid for Gazans. Our partners are defending Palestinians in the West Bank from settler violence and intimidation and continue to demand the return of all hostages.

Please, if you can, join those donating to support us as we take steps to change the terrifying and worsening reality for Israelis and Palestinians.


At NIF we support Israeli organisations – including those working to save lives now and for a safer future. We are aware some are also looking to support the direct delivery of food and medicine to people in Gaza and have included links to two charities doing that work below.


Thank you for your time, support and generosity.

Warm wishes,


David Davidi-Brown
Chief Executive, The New Israel Fund UK




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