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The New Israel Fund UK have moved rapidly to shelter and provide for those fleeing the kibbutzim, towns and Bedouin villages attacked by Hamas; prevent violence in mixed cities and promote community cohesion; and expand trauma support services.


Supporting Israelis working with the most vulnerable people right now, fighting hatred and incitement, and striving for a safe and shared future for all Israelis is what NIF can and must do.


Our crisis appeal is:

Providing immediate assistance for the most vulnerable: including people in kibbutzim and towns across the south who have lost or are searching for their loved ones,and those in Bedouin villages – many of whom are without adequate shelters and are also victims of this Hamas attack.

Preventing violence in mixed cities: we must work to prevent the spread of violence into mixed Arab and Jewish cities and combat incitement online. We at NIF have learnt from past experiences how critical it is to calm tensions and foster community cohesion.

Expanding mental health and trauma counselling: There will be an overwhelming and urgent need for trauma counselling and mental health services. This includes care for civil society leaders. We will be supporting communities and their leaders through and beyond this trauma.


After Hamas burned their houses, we gave them a home: 400 residents of Ashkelon, Ofakim, Sderot, Nativot and the surrounding area, including children and the elderly, have been given shelter at Givat Haviva, alongside activities for children and young people being provided by Tzedek Centres and Hashomer Hatzair.

After they fled terror, we’re giving them emergency medical care: Physicians for Human Rights Israel [PHRI] have set-up a makeshift clinic with a dedicated team offering vital medication, personal hygiene products, and equipment to those in need, as well as emotional support. Organization of Arab Doctors in the Negev have gathered volunteer doctors and medics and equipped them with medical equipment and first aid kits to assist. They are also urgently finding alternative treatment facilities in case hospitals and clinics are overwhelmed with other victims.

Bedouin communities saved lives, we’re supporting them now: Keshet (rainbow) Mizpe Ramon offering humanitarian assistance to residents of Bedouin villages who evacuated their unprotected homes and moved to temporary shelters in Mizpe Ramon. RCUV have distributed 2,000 food parcels, 2000 first aid kits, 100 mobile safe rooms located near the most vulnerable Bedouin villagers, and 500 water tanks (1000 litres) for emergencies.


Some press coverage of our grantees’ urgent and vital work:

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