‘Things that you see from here’

(דברים שרואים מכאן (לא רואים משם

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A “chug sukkah” with NIF’s Avi Dabush: What hope is there for a progressive agenda in Israel?

For many progressive-minded Zionists, the current political landscape in Israel may look somewhat bleak. However – as the famous Israeli saying goes – things that you see from here, you don’t see from there.

Join us this Sukkot for an insider view on Israeli political and social movements from one of Israel’s more dynamic up-and-coming politicians and leading social activists, Avi Dabush.

Avi, a political activist from Israel’s Meretz party and Director of Programmes at NIF’s operational arm, Shatil, is a passionate community organiser who has been at the forefront of social and political movements for progressive change for over a decade. He has led dozens of social justice campaigns, is a leading Mizrahi voice in Israel’s overwhelmingly Ashkenazi left, and is at the forefront of peace activism amongst communities in Israel’s Gaza envelope, where he lives.

Avi will share his own inspiring personal leadership journey from unlikely beginnings, and take us through some of the key grassroots movements for change that are challenging Israel’s existing political constellations and forging a more progressive agenda.

At a time when we in the UK are witnessing our own shakeup in the political landscape following public mobilisation, we will ask what hope there is for grassroots movements in Israel to bring about progressive change.

When: 29th September @8:30PM

Where: At a private Sukkah in North London

Email atira@uknif.org for more information

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