This Rosh Hashanah we are celebrating the power of strategic collaboration and what can be accomplished when you, together with our grantees and Shatil (NIF’s training and capacity building arm) work in tandem.

Since its inception, the New Israel Fund has created, developed, and funded over 900 impactful organisations who are making Israel a more just, equitable society. We identify and bring together leading organisations to tackle the most pressing issues in Israeli society.  

Support this vital work to train and bring together the best leaders in Israel today. Find some examples of work your generosity will fund below. 

Together Advancing Arab-Jewish Partnership   

Striving for equity and equal opportunities for Arabs and Jews has always been at the heart of NIF’s work. Moving from mixed spaces to a genuinely shared society is vital to Israel’s moral fabric and for its democratic future.  

Turning Mixed Cities into Shared Cities

Tzedek Centres train and build networks of community leaders across Israel. In five years, their seven centres have brought together over 80,000 people to tackle local issues such care for elderly, local environmental issues and increasing access to cultural events for disadvantaged populations. 



Last year, in the aftermath of the intercommunal violence, we funded a new Tzedek Centre in partnership with Ajyal (an Arab youth movement) in Ramle. This joint initiative provides a space for Arab and Jewish citizens to come together to de-escalate tensions and to work together to deliver tangible solutions to some of the issues affecting their communities.  

This year the Centre’s first cohort of trainees have already set up one action group and hope to address urgent issues affecting the residents’ day-to day lives, including crime, education, integration, and infrastructure.  

Citizens working together at Tzedek Centres

We believe in replicating success and using effective models to scale impact. Now we need you to join us to help fund a new Centre in the Mixed City of Akko, so that Arabs and Jews working together for political change becomes the norm.


Together Defending Democracy & Human Rights

Israel’s founding vision is based on the ideal of social justice and complete equality for all inhabitants, underpinned by a strong democracy. NIF, Shatil and our grantees work to realise this vision, despite immense challenges.   

Combatting Settler Violence  

The frequency and intensity of settler attacks against Palestinians have doubled over the past two years, particularly in the South Hebron Hills. These attacks are not an anomaly, but part of a larger strategy of intimidation and land theft.



The authorities rarely respond, and the public are often unaware of all but the most shocking incidents.  

A joint project to support Palestinian farmers in the West Bank plants trees with local children


Together Improving Israel for All  

The beneficiaries of our work are from every community and corner of Israel. From health to housing, privacy rights and access to electricity, when we advance partnership, defend democracy, or improve Israel, it is for every single community, however marginalised.    

Changing Asylum Seeker and Refugee Lives  

There were approximately 12,000 Ukrainians seeking refuge in Israel in 2021, with an additional 30,000 Ukrainians in 2022.  

We strengthen and protect the rights of refugees and asylum-seekers by coordinating the advocacy efforts of five of the most established organisations advancing policy in the Knesset to collectively create wide-scale systemic change. – ASSAF, The Refugee and Migrants Hotline, Physicians for Human Rights, ACRI, and the Centre for African Refugees.  



A Physicians for Human Rights Israel doctor giving a check-up


This is just a fraction of the work that our grantees do to make Israel a better society. Imagine what these impactful organisations can do with your support in the upcoming year… 

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