UK Grantees

The New Israel Fund UK works with our international partners to support passionate people and powerful projects in Israel.

Within our larger contribution to the grants made by NIF Israel, we are directly supporting 11 grantees working to Advance Arab-Jewish Partnership; Defend Democracy and Human Rights; and Improve Israel for all communities living there.


The Association for Civil Rights Israel (ACRI)

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ACRI is the oldest and most influential civil and human rights organization in Israel. Founded in 1972, ACRI is the only NGO in Israel advocating across the broad spectrum of human rights and civil liberties for everyone living in Israel and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

NIF UK is also funding a ACRI’s DocuRights project to ensure that freedom of protest and expression will be guaranteed for all those wishing to exercise their nonviolent right of protest, whether in public demonstrations or other ways.

In 2021 ACRI stopped the police detaining people based on racial profiling, expanded protection for people against having their electricity disconnected, and stood up against the Israeli government using Covid as an excuse for using spyware against their citizens and Palestinians.

Hear from ACRI’s CEO on her work founding Jerusalem Pride.


Standing Together (Omdim Beyachad)

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Standing Together focuses on growing, national grassroots organisations, Arab-Jewish led in partnership, significant focus on shared society, yet also on employment, poverty, and housing. They recieved international celebration in May 2021 by organising a series of rallies against intercommunal violence in mixed Jewish-Arab cities.

Recently, Standing Together have mobilised hundreds of Israelis to support villages in the West Bank against demolition and led a campaign to raising the minimum wage in Israel to NIS 40 (£9.66).



Israel Religious Action Centre (IRAC)

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IRAC work directly with people facing discrimination and use specific cases, alongside broader public affairs work, to secure legal changes, application of existing protections, and securing state funds for diverse communities.

Recently, IRAC have been ending discriminatory policies that prevent women’s faces being shown on buses and trains when travelling through ultra-Orthodox neighbourhoods, and have been petitioning the Supreme Court to allow LGBTQ parents to adopt.




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FakeReporter is an online social-initiative watchdog established by researchers, activists, and digital experts. Using a combination of intelligence experts and an online crowdsourced report & research platform, FakeReporter and its community lead a civil effort against malicious online activities, such as disinformation, hate speech, violence, and online incitement.

Since their founding last year, FakeReporter have tracked and reported on hundreds of group chats planning anti-Arab violence throughout Israel and revealed Iranian attempts to interfere with Israeli politics online.

Read the learnings from our event with FakeReporter earlier this year.




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Mitvim’s mission is to improve Israel’s foreign policy, promote Israel’s regional belonging in the Middle East, Europe, and the Mediterranean, and advance Israeli-Palestinian peace. Mitvim developed and promotes a pro-peace, multi-regional, internationalist, modern, and inclusive approach to Israel’s foreign policy.

In 2021 Mitvim worked closely with the Israeli Foreign Ministry and produced a long-term report on what the international community can do to help bring about Israeli-Palestinian peace.


Alliance for Israel Future (Lod)

The Alliance for Israel’s Future has started a new project in the mixed Jewish-Arab city of Lod, designed to cultivate cross-cultural initiatives. With support from Shatil, the Alliance for Israel’s Future is building stronger ties between Jewish and Arab communities in Lod, laying the groundwork for a Jewish-Arab partnership framed around the run to the 2023 elections in Lod.

This year they have ran three cross-cultural events which can serve as a proof of concept for other mixed Jewish-Arab cities.


Ir Amim (Jerusalem)

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Ir Amim works to make Jerusalem a more equitable and sustainable city for Israeli and Palestinian residents through its research, advocacy and education. Since their founding in 2000, Ir Amim have changed the debate around Palestinian communities in neighbourhoods including Silwan, Al-Walaja, and Sheikh Jarrah, opposed the expansion of settlements in East Jerusalem, and have been a leading organisation in raising the profile of East Jerusalem internationally.

In the past year Ir Amim have helped in the legal defence of the Palestinian village of Al-Walaja and were part of a group of NIF grantees and others defending homes in Sheikh Jarrah from demolition. They will be receiving our Human Rights Award this November.


Shatil (Capacity building for Shared Society)

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Shatil is NIF’s action arm. They have established a Jewish-Arab Partnership Task Force and the increased investment in Shatil’s consulting and training offering to shared society groups and organisations. The Task Force will work to promote legitimacy for Jewish-Arab political partnership, increase representation of Palestinian citizens of Israel in public discourse, and achieve representation for Palestinian citizens in decision-making bodies.

This year Shatil have helped Bedouin communities in the Negev secure long-term infrastructure funding, mapped & promoted gender equality in the charity sector and celebrated their 40th Anniversary with Israel’s President Isaac Herzog.

Find out more about Shatil’s work in the Negev.



Sikkuy-Aufoq (Media as a Shared Space Project)

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NIF UK’s support for Sikkuy-Aufoq is focused on their Media Project, which includes operating a “Representation Index” to monitor whether Arab society is better represented in Hebrew media, creating a list of potential Arab interviewees, stimulating activity on Twitter, and support activist groups that react on the social networks to the Arab sector’s representation in the media (the ACT project). New areas of work in this project include training for Palestinian citizens of Israel to learn how to be spokespersons and liaisons with the Hebrew language media and become regular agents of change in this domain.

This year Sikkuy-Aufoq have helped Bedouin communities in the Negev develop media strategies to promote accurate coverage of Bedouin life and supported workplaces in accommodating Muslim staff members’ needs during Ramadan.


Public Housing Forum

The Public Housing Forum began as a Shatil initiative, before growing to become an NGO in its own right. It campaigns for more public housing and improved rights for public housing tenants. It has persuaded the Government to pass decisions that increased, and should further increase, the supply of public housing.

The Public Housing Forum’s campaigning has led to the purchase of 1,700 private housing units to be converted into public housing andfor the construction of 3,000 units for senior citizens who are eligible for public housing in the new budget.


Joint Lobbyist for 16 LGBT organisations

NIF funds a joint lobbyist for 16 LGBTQ organisations will promote a common agenda on issues of public policy, as well as the agendas of the several organisations vis-à-vis decision-makers.

During the last election campaign, the lobbyist arranged for the leaders of 6 major parties in the Knesset to meet with leading LGBTQ Activists and developed “A Roadmap for LGBTQ Rights”—a comprehensive, which includes a detailed workplan for public policy.


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