Videos of the Human Rights Awards 2022

Introduction from Master of Ceremonies Rob Rinder MBE

Welcome from Chief Executive David Davidi-Brown

Individual Winner: Nabila Espanioly


Nabila Espanioly is a leading Palestinian-Israeli feminist, psychologist, and founder and Director of the Al-Tufula Pedagogical and Women’s Centre (a former NIF grantee). She has been a pioneer for women’s empowerment and the advancement of early childhood education in Arab society.

She is a leading partner on a project with NIF grantee Itach-Ma’aki to help implement the UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which highlights the effects of conflict on women and makes central the role of women in peace-building.

Throughout her career Nabila has worked in partnership with the NIF community to advance the position of Palestinians in Israeli society. She has previously served as a board member of The New Israel Fund, and has inspired and mentored the next generation of Palestinian leaders in Israel. We were proud to present her with our individual award.


Organisational Winner: Ir Amim


Ir Amim was founded in 2000 to promote a more equitable Jerusalem. Over the years they have defended Palestinian communities against settlement expansion, raised the profile of issues surrounding East Jerusalem, and supported Palestinian families facing eviction. They are the sole Israeli organisation ‘focused entirely on the geo-political context of Jerusalem and its effects on Israeli and Palestinian communities in the city.’

In a year in which we have all seen up-close the fault lines of Israel’s capital and witnessed tensions erupt over misunderstandings and insensitivities in key sites, an organisation that is committed to promoting the needs of all of Jerusalem’s residents and works tirelessly to improve their status quo demands our attention.

For more on the context leading to planning and housing challenges for Palestinians in East Jerusalem, please see this from Ir Amim. You can also see a report on the use of the Absentee property law, mentioned in the film and which exclusively affords Jewish residents rights to reclaim property from before 1948 hereIr Amim have a report from 2019 on the stark rise in home demolitions and Haaretz covered an harrowing example of demolishing the homes of sixty people.

Ir Amim have defended Palestinian communities and helped them to secure planning rights, international coverage, and education. We were proud to present Ir Amim with our organisation award.


Appeal from our Chair Noeleen Cohen

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