Violence in Jerusalem

A march organised by Lehava, a far-right, anti-Arab organization, attracted an estimated 1,000 people last Thursday night, 22nd April. Over 100 Palestinians were reported wounded, and over 50 arrests were made of both right-wing extremists and Palestinians. Unrest continued over the weekend, with protests and counter-protests spreading throughout the Capital. 

In the backdrop, showers of rockets were fired from Gaza.

We caught up with Eran Tzidkiyahu, an expert on Jewish-Arab relations in Jerusalem, and a geopolitically focused Jerusalem guide, and Adi Tufik, a Jerusalem-based activist and NIF’s head of donor relations. In this brief 20-minute broadcast, we set out to understand what sparked the violent protest, what it means for Jerusalem in a period with no clear national leadership and the emergence of far-right power, and how we can expect events to unfold in the coming weeks against the backdrop of Ramadan and a looming Jerusalem Day. 

Watch the briefing below:


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