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I’m passionate about Awareness 4U because it is an excellent example of innovative local solutions to societal and civic issues within the Arab community in Israel.


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Who are Awareness 4U?

Awareness 4U is an educational organisation which seeks to advance the status of women in Arab society in Israel through raising women’s consciousness, changing men’s attitudes, and challenging gender roles, cultural practices, and traditions that disempower women. Awareness 4U works to break down barriers to education, quality employment, and health faced by Arab women in Israel, by empowering women to directly address the causes of the barriers themselves. Particularly notable is the organisation’s collaboration with traditional structures within the Arab community, engaging men and religious leaders to advocate for the empowerment of women.

In May I met Amna Kanane in Kfar Qara …

In May I met Amna Kanane at her home in Kfar Qara. I work for the UK Task Force on issues relating to Arab citizens of Israel, which organises an annual study trip to Israel, and New Israel Fund encouraged us to meet Amna and learn more about Awareness4U’s work. Amna described the range of issues that her organisation works on, and the way in which the organisation seeks to bring change through community and women’s empowerment. The model seeks to change attitudes of both individuals and the community.

What will your donation go towards?

Awareness 4U’s current projects include women’s leadership training, higher education and employment preparation for young women, awareness on pre-natal and genetic testing and Jewish-Arab dialogue.

The young women’s leadership programme works with teenagers to explore gender issues, and social expectations and challenges in traditional Arab society. Through the women’s health project, Awareness 4U constructs safe spaces for women of all ages to talk and learn about fertility and reproductive health, and also accompanies participants to the women’s clinic, established by Awareness 4U, for vital check-ups and pre-natal care.

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Vote for Awareness 4U by clicking here to donate online or text ‘VFCH75 £3′ to 70070

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