What are the Human Rights Awards?

The New Israel Fund’s Human Rights Awards are the highlight of our calendar, highlighting our grantees to celebrate, educate, and inspire our community and raise funds to continue the work of the NIF is Israel. This year’s event will be taking place on 14 November at 6pm.

This year we are embracing a flexible approach to HRAD. We will be bringing our Human Rights Awards onto an innovative digital streaming and fundraising platform to make your experience sharper, smoother, and that much more enjoyable.

You will be able to watch HRAD in the comfort of your home, with the option of inviting people to join you for a more celebratory in-person feel.

To celebrate our 25th anniversary of NIF in the UK we have refreshed our award winners’ model. This year we will be awarding one organisation very dear to our heart: Shatil, the training and empowerment arm of NIF, and an individual who has dedicated his life’s work to the pursuit of social justice: Avi Dabush. You can read a little more about Shatil and about Avi Dabush below.

We really hope you will join us for what promises to be an uplifting and unforgettable celebration of people striving for equality and justice.

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SHATIL, the New Israel Fund’s empowerment and training centre, was established in 1982 to promote democracy, tolerance, and social justice in Israel. Recognising the need for building a strong civil society in Israel, SHATIL, Israel’s leading capacity building centre for social change organisations, provides over 1,000 non-profit organisations with consulting and training in organisational development, advocacy, media and public relations, coalition building, resource development and volunteer management each year.


Avi Dabush

Avi Dabush has been serving as the Executive Director of Rabbis for Human Rights (NIF grantee) since May 2019. With Avi at the helm, RHR’s work in the area of social and economic justice has considerably expanded, with a “Citizen’s Rights’” style centre, where members of the public can get advice about debt, benefits, public housing, and more.

Avi is a dynamic and passionate activist and community organiser who is a leading voice on a variety of social, political and environmental issues in Israel. He is a leading advocate for the needs of the periphery and the vulnerable/disempowered with a proven track record of impact.

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