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From Our Chief Executive: October 2019

I was recently reminded that the word Shanah (שנה , "year") comes from the same word as Shinui (שינוי , "change"). As we enter the New Year should we fear or embrace change?


UK Jewish Film festival

This November, NIF is proud to be sponsoring three thought-provoking and eye-opening films at UKJFF that together explore the complex web of identities that make up Israeli society. These films offer a mosaic of Israeli perspectives and experiences that broaden our horizons, deepen our understanding and challenge our assumptions about Israel. Here at the New Israel Fund, we believe in the power of film to effect change on the contemporary realities of life in Israel.


This Rosh Hashanah – Reframe the future with us

NIF has always looked at the bigger picture. And at its core this is about our unbending defence of democracy.
It is about the rights and life chances of all in Israeli society and about building a sound social foundation.
It is about connecting to communities across all sectors of society in Israel and creating change from the ground up. Read more about the incredible people who are shaping this bigger picture.


From Our Chief Executive: August 2019

August is often considered a quiet month as thoughts turn to holidays. However as Israel gears up for more elections the time to pause is not now.


We’re hiring!

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From Our Chief Executive: May, 2019

Three weeks on from the Israeli elections, rebuilding trust between communities in Israel is a primary focus for NIF.