A Pesach Vision of Tolerance

the fight against extremism

As we celebrate Pesach, New Israel Fund is asking you to support those Israelis working to bring a message of tolerance and fight oppression.

Will you donate now to fight extremism? 

The photo above starkly illustrates what happens when the forces of intolerance gain ground.

But we also want to share a message of hope – to show the possibilities we create when investing in those committed to a better future.

Hope for a brighter future

The events in Israel and Gaza of last summer exposed many of the fractures within Israeli society – politically, socially and economically. New Israel Fund has been at the forefront of repairing these fractures and helping Israelis build a more resilient society.

This is not an easy message to share. The work required to tackle extremism and close gaps is difficult and long-term. It is true of the work of the Tag Meir (Light Tag) coalition – the leading Jewish voice against extremism; and of our Leadership for Shared Society programme- training the Jewish and Arab future leaders of Israel; and of our initiatives improving the health and economic situation of Israel’s poorest communities. We remain committed to supporting these Israelis in this vital work and giving them the attention they deserve.

This Pesach we ask you to join us in supporting the voices of tolerance and justice in Israel.

Wishing you and your family Chag Pesach Sameach

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