Dr Amal Elsana-Alh’jooj

For Women’s Day, we are delighted to tell you about Dr Amal Elsana-Alh’jooj – one of the leaders of the struggle for gender equality in Arab society!


Amal Elsana Alh’jooj is a renowned activist in the Bedouin community in Israel, the founder of the first Bedouin women’s organisation at age 17, a former candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, and a New Israel Fund board member.

In 2000, she joined Dr Yehudah Paz and founded Ajeec Nisped – an organisation that promotes public equality and empowerment for Bedouin society.

She has won numerous awards, including NIF UK’s Human Rights Award in 2013. Also, she was recognised as one of the 101 most influential people in Israel, according to The Marker.

Amal is currently the Executive Director of The International Community Action Network (ICAN-McGill) – an international organisation dedicated to reducing inequality and promoting civil society and social justice, necessarily associated with community development and peace processes


Watch Amal in our latest video from NIF’s 40 Years of Hope series:



Amal was one of the winners at our Human Rights Award Dinner for pioneering community development amongst Bedouin women and furthering the cause of Shared Society between Jews and Arabs in Israel. Watch the video from our 2013 Human Rights Award Dinner below:


Read more about Amal’s story and her work to promote equality in Israel.



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