Religious Freedom

To fulfil the vision of its founders, Israel must always be a country for all its citizens, including all its Jews, whatever their beliefs, background and practices. NIF works to promote religious freedom in Israel, to foster a more tolerant society that embraces the rich diversity of Jewish identity, and that creates a sphere of non-religious, civil law for all Israeli citizens.


Increasing Access to the Core Curriculum at Haredi Schools

NIF grantees have been demanding that Haredi parents have the right to a school that teaches maths, English, and other core subjects.

December 2022


Victory for Religious Pluralism

In a major victory for Women of the Wall and the Masorti (Conservative) Movement, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office has prohibited use of gender separation partitions in the egalitarian plaza of the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

August 2022


Combatting Erasure of Women From Public Spaces

Israel’s Dan Bus Company has withdrawn its requirement that drivers check the ‘modesty’ of ads on their buses before driving through the ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak. The change came after the policy was exposed by the Israeli newspaper, Globes.

June 2022


Blog: The Beauty and Power of Our Community

I have been attending Jerusalem Pride Marches for two decades. For years, as director of the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance and the Reform Movement’s Israel Religious Action Center, my work was directly involved in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights. It was my issue. And the Jerusalem Pride march was a peak of my professional involvement. This year, on the 20th Pride march, was the first time that I marched — alongside thousands of others — purely as a participant. I did not organize a thing. I went with my parents and my daughters. My daughters recognized every flag and enjoyed every performance. And I got to witness the beauty and power of our community.

June 2022