Sharing your Celebration

Thank you for considering sharing your celebration with the New Israel Fund.

We would be honoured if you chose to ask your family and friends to give a gift that can create real change on your special occasion.

Gifts of any size would help us advance democracy and equality in Israel.

In three simple steps you can help to create a better Israel and add something a little different to your celebrations:

1. Ask your friends and family to give to NIF online. We can also send freepost collection envelopes.
2. Email to notify us of your occasion and wish to support NIF.
3. We will notify you of who has donated and any celebratory messages (but we will not disclose gift amounts).

Thank you for choosing to make your occasion even more meaningful by sharing it with NIF.



You can also mark a special occasion of a loved one by donating to the New Israel Fund and we will send them a certificate to mark this occasion. The most meaningful gifts are often the things you can’t unwrap and every celebratory donation we receive will make a real difference to our work in Israel.

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