New Gen

New Gen is the New Israel Fund’s community of young adults and social activists committed to promoting social justice and equality for all Israelis.

As a growing UK community, we have regular events, including:

  1. Social events involving informal discussion on topical issues with great food
  2. Discussions with high profile speakers from Israel working in key New Israel Fund issue areas
  3. Informal educational sessions for local youth movements, synagogues, student groups and more

Follow our New Gen Facebook group to be invited to our events and kept up to date with our community, and email if you’re interested in coming to events, hosting or signing up to our newsletter.


NIF Fellowship 

As part of our New Gen activities, we run a year-long Fellowship — an exciting opportunity for young British Jews to channel their deep commitment to Israel’s future and their passion for social justice into concrete activism, connecting the UK to grassroots groups in Israel. To find out more about the New Gen Activism Fellowship, click here

Meet our 2019 Fellows here.


Resources and Recommendations from our 2018 Fellows

Our 2018-2019 New Israel Fund UK Activism Fellows have compiled a list of resources to help you explore some of our core issue areas. These will signpost you to insightful and useful content, informed by the fellows’ wealth of experience and expertise in completing the programme.

Click here for a list of books and reports.
Click here for a list of films and TV shows.
Click here for a list of news sites.
Click here for a list of podcasts.
Click here for a list of on-the-ground tours.
Click here for a list of websites and social media.

During their intensive study tour in Israel and throughout the Fellowship year, the fellows are given the chance to focus on issues around human rights, social and economic justice, religious freedom, shared society and democracy. They are then able to have a tangible impact by speaking out in their communities, working on their own projects and organising exclusive events for NIF’s New Gen community and beyond.

This resource list is the culmination of the Fellowship year, allowing the fellows to share with you some of the keen insights they have developed.



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