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Mikhael Manekin Event

We were thrilled to host Mikhael Manekin earlier this month for an ‘in conversation’ event with Alona Ferber.

Mikhael is 2023’s Human Rights Award winner and an inspiring and impactful leader, who has worked to advance equality, justice and a safer, shared future for Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs. A published author, Mikhael is also one of the founders of the Faithful Left, who campaign to offer a religious alternative to extremists who profane Judaism.

To read more, see his bio in English here and in Hebrew here.

Their conversation explored the themes of religious extremism, defending democracy, arab-jewish partnership and finding hope and a way forward during the current war.

Click here to watch a recording of the event.


Previous Events

An Evening with Ayelet Gundar-Goshen

New Israel Fund was delighted to host Ayelet Gundar-Goshen in conversation with Alona Ferber, to mark International Women’s Day. They discussed the fallout and recovery of Israeli society after October 7th.

 Ayelet Gundar-Gosher

Ayelet Gundar-Goshen is a leading Israeli psychologist, who has been dealing with the trauma caused by the events of October 7th, as well as a prize-winning author. Her best-selling book, Waking Lions, explores immigration, identity and communities seeking asylum and was a New York Times Book of the Year.

Her work, which has been translated into over 20 languages, touches upon American-Israeli diaspora identity, dynamics of power, isolation and the experiences of outsiders. Her newest book, The Wolf Hunt, is a psychological thriller that touches upon themes of isolation, racial tensions, familial ties, and what it means to be an Israeli living in the diaspora. The story is told through Lilach, an Israeli-American, living in California with her husband and their teenage son, who has to come to terms with her identity when her son is accused of a terrible crime.


Alona Ferber

Alona Ferber is the senior editor of Spotlight, the New Statesman special policy section and supplement.  She specialises in coverage of Israel and was formerly a senior news editor and reporter for Haaretz. She writes on politics and policy, including her specialist coverage of Israel, and interviews major public figures. Her Substack, The Backlash, covers the struggle for gender equality.

New Israel Fund is one of the leading organisations in the world promoting the rights and equality of women, as well as their presence in public and political life. We work with a wide cross-section of women in Israeli society, from the ultra-orthodox to Bedoin.

Over the years NIF has worked to empower women in Israeli society, from helping found the Israel Women’s Network, to supporting organisations like Itach Ma’aki- Women Layers for Social Justice, and advocating for Alice Miller who successfully sued the military for the right to become a pilot.

Click here to watch a recording of the event.


Standing Together in Conversation

NIF and Yachad were delighted to host leaders of Standing Together for a special conversation.

Standing Together is a progressive grassroots movement mobilising Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel against the Occupation and for peace, equality, and social justice.

Since Hamas’ attack on 7 October, they have used their network of thousands of activists to lead solidarity and de-escalation projects in Israel’s mixed cities.

Hear from National co-Director Rula Daood and National Field Organiser Uri Weltmann, a Palestinian citizen and a Jewish Israeli, who have been leading this movement.

Rula Daood is the National co-Director of Standing Together and speech pathologist by profession. She is a Palestinian citizen of Israel, born and raised in the Galilee village of Kafr Yasif. Rula began her activism in her home city and later became involved in promoting Jewish-Arab partnership in mixed (Jewish-Arab) cities. Before joining Standing Together, she worked as a community organiser, running events and protests that drew hundreds of activists.


Uri Weltmann is National Field Organiser for Standing Together, and a founding member of the movement in 2015. A long-time peace and anti-occupation activist, he also has a background in neighbourhood community organising and LGBT political organising. Born 1984, he lives in Tel-Aviv with his partner and their two daughters. He is a teacher by profession.


Together for Israel Now

On Sunday 5 November, over 500 people came together for Israel.

Thanks to your generosity we have now raised over £750,000 for our crisis appeal and the vital long-term work towards a just, safe and equal Israel. This is a record-breaking amount, and we’re on track to have our most successful fundraising year yet. If you would still like to support us, you can do so by clicking here.For over forty years, the New Israel Fund has supported hundreds of Israeli charities and human rights activists defending democracy and building Arab-Jewish partnershipStrong long-standing relationships, many of them with people and organisations in the South, enabled our team to move swiftly to protect and provide for communities from the kibbutzim, towns and Bedouin villages devastated by the Hamas attacks.

Watch videos from the event here.

If you would like to support this work, please click here to make a donation.

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