Religious Freedom

To fulfil the vision of its founders, Israel must always be a country for all its citizens, including all its Jews, whatever their beliefs, background and practices. NIF works to promote religious freedom in Israel, to foster a more tolerant society that embraces the rich diversity of Jewish identity, and that creates a sphere of non-religious, civil law for all Israeli citizens.


Combating the Erasure of Women by Religious Extremists

The Jerusalem District Court has ordered the Jerusalem Municipality to hire inspectors to handle widespread incidents of ultra-Orthodox Jews defacing of billboards depicting images of women. Judge Shirley Renner also ordered the municipality to meet with the local police department and form a plan within three months to combat such vandalism.

December 2021


Fighting Gender Segregation

The World Economic Forum’s 2021 Global Gender Gap Report ranks Israel 60th out of 156 countries, suggesting that gender disparities in Israel are significant. The report notes that, around the world, the time needed to close gender gaps has increased by more than 30% as the result of COVID-19’s disproportionate effects on women. Women’s International Zionist Organisation (WIZO) chairwoman in Israel, Ora Korazim, told the Jerusalem Post earlier this year that “Israel is in a worrying process of a regression of the status of women.”

September 2021


Bolstering Progressive Jewish Activism in Israel

Shatil and the New Israel Fund have developed the new Masorti Voices Fellowship to give activists within the Masorti community in Israel the tools to magnify their voices, which have been underrepresented in Israeli society.

July 2021


Restoring Pluralistic Jewish Education in Israel’s Schools

In a victory for liberal and secular Judaism in Israel, the Supreme Court struck down an attempt to defund government support for pluralistic activities in public school.

May 2021